This Forum is for meeting up with others that served in Korea. If you were in Korea during the War, or stationed in Korea any time after, you can post up where you were, and hopefully over time, will start meeting up with others that you served with.
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 B Btry,1/15th FA-Camp Stanley, Korea. 30Aug71-1Oct72.

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PostSubject: B Btry,1/15th FA-Camp Stanley, Korea. 30Aug71-1Oct72.   Thu Aug 26, 2010 1:47 pm

I found your website most informative and many memories were rekindled. I will never forget the great friends I served with as well as the many wonderful KATUSA's that allowed me to be a guest in their home. The extremely cold winters on the DMZ, 4 poppa 1 firebase. The trips through the Chinese tunnel to get there. Our week occupation of Camp Pellham at Songeri. Santa Barbara, Turkey Farm, Camp Grieves just before Freedom Bridge. We lost two soldiers on the DMZ due to misdirected fire-right! I Just turned 20 when I arrived. Had my 21st birthday at Camp Stanley. Spent 398 days in country. Spent lots of time at the bowling alley and the EM club when I had money. It was a great time that I will always remember. My mother and father served in WW11. I was drafted but I felt it was my duty to serve. I remember my three days at the replacement company in Camp Casey waiting for an assingment. So many have served during our 60 years of service to Korea. The Koreans are hard working and honorable people. Don't forget the White Horse and Blue Dragon Division that served at our side in Vietnam. ROK soldiers are tough and they are always welcome on my team! On your blog and pictures I saw no mention of the 1/15th FA at Camy Stanley. They were located at the rear gate near the mess hall. 1/38th FA was next to us. Seems a shame to forget such a great group of soldiers. We were all soldiers! Thank You and God Bless.
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Luis R Rivera

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PostSubject: Re: B Btry,1/15th FA-Camp Stanley, Korea. 30Aug71-1Oct72.   Thu Mar 28, 2013 11:17 am

I was assigned to B-Btry 1-15 FA 1979-1980 I was in 4P1 Artillery Fire Base the date that President Park Chung He was killed
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B Btry,1/15th FA-Camp Stanley, Korea. 30Aug71-1Oct72.
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