This Forum is for meeting up with others that served in Korea. If you were in Korea during the War, or stationed in Korea any time after, you can post up where you were, and hopefully over time, will start meeting up with others that you served with.
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 Camp Casey 1969 1/31 Infantry 7th Div

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PostSubject: Camp Casey 1969 1/31 Infantry 7th Div   Mon Jan 16, 2012 9:41 pm

I don't see many posts from infantry, are they all hiding? Ha! I landed in country in 03-1969, I was glad cause it had to be better than Vietnam. I don't know why but I don't remember a lot of specifics, I guess the years took its toll on my memory, i really have not talked about it till I applied for compensation from agent orange exposure. I have prostrate cancer as well as peripheral neuropathy, both of which are admittedly caused from agent orange exposure. I thought the lack of leaves on the trees was the cold weather, I didn't realize really why until very recently.

We were located north of Camp Casey digging holes in the rocks so that engineering company could poor a concrete bunker. I do not know where I was but I would sure like to know, we went to a village off time but I cant tell you the name of it and i sure would like to know, Ha! Not TDC either cause than was Camp Casey and I know I was north of there several miles. I would like to meet "my girl" again, I know a 65 year old Korean woman would not do my memories justice, I think I need to leave that memory stay. While at I was at Imjin Scout Training she was at the gate every day for 4 weeks until I rolled back in for a week end pass just to go back the following week, she was protecting her investment.

I volunteered for Imjin Scout Training, didn't take them long to put me there for 4 weeks of infantry training, like that was something new. I would love to meet a guy with the last name of Kuzan, I know he has not forgotten me. We spent 4 weeks of fun in the DMZ together, never forget it.

Feel free to comment, it make the soul feel better.

Dave Jackson 62 in Illinois
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PostSubject: Re: Camp Casey 1969 1/31 Infantry 7th Div   Mon Jan 16, 2012 10:59 pm

Hello David,
Welcome to the site. I hope that the VA does right with your claim. I have been lucky so far and no indicators yet. I had 4 tours in Korea, and 1 in Nam. so I am sure it is just a matter of time. Heck. I remember once in Nam being stopped on the side of the road on a nice clear blue sky day, and all of a sudden it started raining. Looked around, and a damn C123 flying low spraying the road. We went up the road to a ROKA guarded bridge and went swimming to get it off us. On my tours in Korea, I was on the DMZ 2 of the 4 tours.

Hopefully some of the guys from the 1/31 that know where you guys were at drop by, On the ville action, with my 4 tours I met some bad people about like in any GI town, but I met more good people than bad. In the early years Korean people were fighting for there survival, so the Slicky Boy stuff was to be expected. I would of done the same to feed my family if needed. Met somw great girls there also. Think about a few of them from time to time.

Was stationed in Korea 1960-61, 69-70, 78-79, 81-82.
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PostSubject: Re: Camp Casey 1969 1/31 Infantry 7th Div   Tue Jan 17, 2012 3:20 pm

Well, If you was sprayed with Agent Orange and by looking at your tours in Korea you are at least 9 years older than me so I think you have fared very well. Each of us will tolerate exposure to toxins differently and to differing degrees. I think you are past the point of being an issue, I do not know for a fact what caused my issues but if VA openly states the effects of AO I assume that was the culprit.

I volunteered for the draft shortly after I turned 18, I knew I was going to Nam so I might as well get it over with. I felt fortunate that I went to Korea, I was an instant NCO E-5 and the casualty rate for NCO Academy graduates was high in Nam. You had 20 years in so you must have retired, did you stay in more than 20? My 2 was more than enough and I had a job waiting for me at home, ironically I returned home after drawing hostile fire pay and couldn't buy a beer since I wasn't 21.

I did read that there are several medals, decorations and/or awards that I had not received. I just finished receiving my DA form 20, it showed more details as to where I was while in the Army and submitted that along with a two page documentation letter requesting they correct my DD414 and award the requested medals. I will believe that and or my VA claim on AO when I see them. I am happily retired any way but it is a personal thing. I feel that I have not don't my part by not going to Nam.

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PostSubject: Re: Camp Casey 1969 1/31 Infantry 7th Div   

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Camp Casey 1969 1/31 Infantry 7th Div
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