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This Forum is for meeting up with others that served in Korea. If you were in Korea during the War, or stationed in Korea any time after, you can post up where you were, and hopefully over time, will start meeting up with others that you served with.
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 Camp Stanley 1961-62 Chopper Units

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Camp Stanley 1961-62 Chopper Units Empty
PostSubject: Camp Stanley 1961-62 Chopper Units   Camp Stanley 1961-62 Chopper Units Icon_minitimeSat Oct 02, 2010 10:06 am

I was in both Army Aviation Units at the bottom of the hill, the 13th Trans (Lt Hel)...and the 151st Maint (CHFM)provisional. I have lots of photos and names of people, and aircraft and their tail numbers. I was there from Mar 1961 thru Jun 1962. Yes, I had the involuntary extension forced on us at the time. I was a mechanic on the H-21's, also worked in Tech Supply as a TDY job, and was on the very first I Corps Rifle Team at Camp Red Cloud, the "Guardians". AND we all had to drive the 5 Ton trucks hauling recovered aircraft from where they crashed. I was in a crash my second month there, my H-21 had engine failure and we auto-rotated into the dry rice paddy just outside the Camp Stanley fence. The morning I left Camp Stanley for the USA, we had a total crash on the runway (PAP) it was really bad. Then I had to get on on and fly to Inchon at lunchtime that day. Yes, I was plenty glad when we got there. I came back to the USA via the USNS Barrett. 15 days on the Ocean. See a FEW of my photos on my web page at:
Would VERY MUCH like to hear from any of the guys there when I was.
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Camp Stanley 1961-62 Chopper Units
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