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This Forum is for meeting up with others that served in Korea. If you were in Korea during the War, or stationed in Korea any time after, you can post up where you were, and hopefully over time, will start meeting up with others that you served with.
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  Guide to Effective Ville Running

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 Guide to Effective Ville Running Empty
PostSubject: Guide to Effective Ville Running    Guide to Effective Ville Running Icon_minitimeMon Jan 19, 2015 9:10 pm

THIS was taken from another site ,the person said the site he got it from is gone ,ENJOY it
The Guide to Effective Ville Running

Volume 1 (Korea)

NSGA Ville Rat Dictionary

Unabridged Version

Last Official Update June 20, 1999

AH JEW MA - n. An ex-NICE GIRL (see NICE GIRL); easily distinguished from a Nice Girl by wrinkles, baggy clothes, and a lack of make-up. The metamorphosis usually occurs during a Nice Girl's early to late 30's. Normally engaged in selling something, including Nice Girls (see MAMA SAN).

AH PO - v. Literally to hurt, but when used by Nice Girls meant to signal an unwillingness, either physically or mentally, to perform a sexual act; as in "On day, No can do Gee Eye! Too muchee Ah Po!" (See also ON DAY and POJI)

BASE or POST - n. 1. A place which, when used as a destination where you intend to spend the night, immediately negates any charm you may have had in the eyes of the inquirer. On a scale of 1 to 10, you are now a zero. 2. A place to work, collect a paycheck, and sleep when you have no money. 3. Akin to hell.

BEEZ NIS WOO MAN - n. Term used by Nice Girls when referring to other Nice Girls.

BOO CHIT - interj. Expression verifying that you have just made a completely accurate statement of fact that is unpalatable to the listener.

BUTTERFLY - n. Term of derision describing a person who has shown interest, either real or imagined, in a third party of the opposite sex.

BYON SO - n. Euphemism for "Midnight Snack" or "See you in a little while", as used by Nice Girls when, having received the agreed upon sum for services says "I go BYON SO." Whereupon, she joins the other Nice Girls in her compound for kimchi, rice, and small talk that can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

CAN DO EEGEE. - v. Indicates the willingness, although not necessarily the capabilities, to perform a task, given the proper financial incentives are offered.

CAN YOU HELP ME? - Expression used by Nice Girls to individuals not going on BASE (see NOT ENUFF)

CASE OF BEER - n. Standard denomination of a wager.

CHERRY BOY - n. 1. Form of endearment used exclusively by MAMA SAN'S to convince the Nice Girls that beggars can't be choosers. 2. When used by Americans, a good-natured form of derision toward a young NUG (see NUG).

CHERRY GIRL - n. 1. (literal) A female life form rarely encountered in Korea; there have been no confirmed sightings in a GEE EYE club. 2. Any Nice Girl who has not stayed with the same customer twice.

COMMISSARY - n. 1. See PEE EX. 2. The only known source of bananas in the world.

COUNTRY - n. Social disease clinic, as in "She go country."

CRAJEE - adj. 1. Not conforming to accepted Ville practices. (i.e. "You CRAJEE GEE EYE!"). 2. See BOO CHIT. 3. See NOT ENUFF. 4. Expression indicating disagreement with a particular point of view. 5. Used to indicate unfamiliarity with a cultural phenomenon. CAUTION!! When used to describe a Nice Girl, may evoke a violent response.

DAHLAH - n. Primary medium of exchange and measure of popularity. May also be exchanged for large quantities of multicolored paper called "won." See WON

DANCER - n. Females who have graduated from their basic Nice Girl training and are now content to move about semi-catatonic and scantily clad before groups of drooling GEE EYES in bars. This breed of Nice Girl usually requires more help (see CAN YOU HELP ME") and more often than not are the ones who end up going theBYON SO once you get to their place.

EYE GOO - interj. 1. Expression commonly heard when an individual awakes after having consumed an undetermined amount of local beverages. 2. Also may be heard when an individual rolls over and discovers his bedmate, as in "Eye Goo, who the fuck are you and how did you get here?" 3. Generally a term of disgust or expression of pain, as in "Eye Goo, my fucking head is killing me!"

GEE EYE - n. Common form of endearment, as in "You cum Gee Eye?"

GREEN - n. Also known as DAHLAH. Exchange medium known widely for its flexibility relative to other currencies, especially WON.

HAMMER - n. 1. Term describing a Nice Girl that excels beyond all her peers in physical appearance, as in "God, what a Hammer!" 2. Nice Girl who displays an unmatched skill in commerce (See YOU BUY ME DRINKEE). 3. Akin to Goddess.

HAP SHEE DAH - v. A rare form of sexual activity generally resisted by all Nice Girls but always solicited by GEE EYE's in bars (See also, ON DAY, POJI, SEX, and AH PO).

HOW LONG YOU BEEN KOREA ? - Are you a sucker or a wise guy?

ITAEWON - n. legendary land of shopping and partying until it was ruined by the 1988 Olympics.

JAR OF MAYONNAISSE - n. Obsolete medium of exchange. Used formerly when bargaining with Mama San's in exchange for the services of Nice Girls.

JUNGLE JUICE - n. A mixture of undeterminable alcoholic beverages to be consumed only when one is SPOZED TO.

KETTLE - n. Intoxicating beverage popular in Itaewon. A cosmopolitan form of JUNGLE JUICE.

KIMCHI - n. Various and sundry forms of malodorous, fiery, fetid indedibles which, when consumed, disguise the fact that you haven't brushed your teeth in six months. adj. Of, or pertaining to, Korea (i.e. Kimchi taxi).

LADY'S DRINK - n. Any number of totally non-alcoholic beverages ranging in price from 10,000 won to whatever the fool buying it will fork over, which are frequently purchased after drunkenness has set in (see STINKO, definition 1).

MAMA SAN - n. Nice Girls' priestess, tutor, surrogate mother, business manager, publicity agent and loan shark.

MENSES - n. An acyclic menstrual period unique to Nice Girls. It usually strikes an unsuspecting victim shortly after midnight (or curfew) when a specific amount of money has changed hands but before sex has commenced (seeSEX).

ME SO HORNY - adj. An expression used by Nice Girls to either indicate, 1. complete disgust in a GEE EYE'S intention to spend the night on base (see BASE) or 2., a last ditch effort to increase profit margin and aid in emergency funding for a trip to the BYON SO (see BYON SO).

MOO LA - v. A term ranging in meaning from "I don't know" to "I really don't give a shit and I wish you'd just get the fuck away from me!"

NICE GIRL - n. A female, usually advertised on street corners by toothless, octogenarian MAMA SANS as in "You want Nice Girl Gee Eye?"

NO CAN DO - v. Reflects an incapability or unwillingness to attempt to accomplish a task or deed (usually of a sexual nature) due to social, cultural, religious, physical, monetary or other constraints.

NOT ENUFF - adj. A description indicating insufficient help (see CAN YOU HELP ME?). Usage varies in relation to payday and the answer to "HOW LONG YOU BEEN KOREA?"

NUG - (formerly NEWBEE) - n. Newcomer. A person unfamiliar with the definitions found in this dictionary. (see also, HOW LONG YOU BEEN KOREA? and CHERRY BOY).

NUMBA HANNA - adj. Above average, exceeding expectations.

NUMBA TEN - adj. Substandard; the worst. Used also when a Nice Girl is unable to elicit desired action from a man; in this context usually used with Gee Eye (as in, You Numba Ten Gee Eye). Also used in conjunction with the expletive for fornication depending on the disgust factor involved.

ODD-A-SHE - n. 1. A Korean male. 2. Attention getting phrase with meanings ranging from "Hey motherfucker, look over here!' to "Excuse me, do you have a daughter?"

OK I MEET YOU LATER - An effective evasion tactic practiced by Nice Girls subsequent to an individual's lapse into drunkenness (see STINKO) in which a Nice Girl is enabled to continue with her profitable business endeavors (see YOU BUY ME DRINKEE).

OLD KOREAN CUSTOM - n. Any disagreeable, unusual, or incomprehensible act or occurrence. (see SPOZED TO) A violation of one's sensibilities.

ON DAY - vi. Used to express refusal, denial or disagreement. Most often heard after an unusual sexual suggestion has been made. A more emotional form of NO CAN DO.

ONE MONTH - n. An indeterminate period of time (approx. Six months to five years) indicating that the speaker is a Nice Girl (i.e. In response to the question, "How long you been this club?"

ORGASM - n. A rare form of sexual excitement, generally shunned by Nice Girls, but welcomed in their partners, as a signal that it's time to go to sleep.

PAYDAY - n. A point of reference for evaluation of the charm of an individual.

PEE EX - n. A source of necessities. Term most commonly used by YOBOs or Nice Girls followed by a list of commodities invariably including cigarettes and coffee, as in "Me think me ruv you no shit Gee Eye. What time Pee Ex open?"

PEE SEE ESS - v. As in "You go Pee See Ess?" Generally spoken with real or feigned sorrow meaning "Well, there goes another good customer."

POJI - n. 1. Of, or relating to, the vagina of a Nice Girl; as in "Poji Ah Po! No can Hap Shee Dah tonight. You go to sleep Gee Eye!"

POR EBER - n. A variable period of time (approx. 30 minutes), the duration of which is determined by the situation, as in "You give me $60 me ruv you Por Eber!" Also; "You don't Buy Me Drinkee, I hate you Por Eber!"

RICOCHET ALLEY - n. Once a connective passage between Club Alley and Top Hat Alley in Anjongni (Camp Humphreys, Korea), renowned for its ease of navigation in any state up to or exceeding STINKO due to its narrow width. During the winter months, Ricochet Alley saw double duty as not only a passage between clubs but also as a bobsled run. NOTE: Only people who have been "Long Time Korea" will remember this.

RITUALISTIC QUESTIONS - A question and answer game played with Nice Girls that, when played correctly, can result in several different pleasurable outcomes.

1. WANNA DANCE? - First of the ritualistic questions, expression used by Nice Girls in bars meaning "I'd like to get you alone to ask you a question."

2. CAN I ASK YOU A QUESTION? - Used by Nice Girls meaning, "You have some charm for me." depending on your answer to the following ritualistic question.

3. DO YOU HAVE A YOBO? - May or may not be included in the conversation when the Nice Girl is determining just exactly where your personality rates on a scale of 1 to 10.

4. WHAT YOU DO TONIGHT? - The final question in the ritual. Depending on your answer to this question, you may or may not get another dance with your companion. If your response is "I go Base", the Nice Girl will disappear immediately before your eyes. Other responses may bring a variety of reactions.

ROUND EYE - n. Non-indigenous female; normally in Korea for only one year due to the inherent incompatibility with the Ville culture; best avoided. adj. Of, or pertaining to, non-indigenous items or persons.

RUB - v. An emotional state induced by an affinity toward the color Green. "I rub you too muchee Gee Eye." Usually uttered after seeing one or more $20 bills.

SAGE - n. Acronym for "Sudden Anal Gas Explosion" Used most often while in the company of good friends to signal the onslaught of acrid, sometimes deadly, green clouds of noxious fumes. vi. The act of releasing a SAGE.

SCOTCH - n. Intoxicating liquor consisting of one part whiskey (for color) and three parts SOJU.

SEOUL - n. 1. Largest city in Korea; vastly overrated as a party town. 2. Birthplace of all Nice Girls.

SEX - n. Foreplay leading to Orgasm. When performed with Nice Girls this activity has a unique aspect in the male participant engages in violent physical activity while the female (Nice Girl) maintains a catatonic , almost comatose, state while mumbling over and over "You cum Gee Eye?"

SHORT TIME - n. A brief, timed, period of sexual activity (see SEX) usually costing anywhere from $50-$100, in which the Nice Girl will endeavor to see how many times she can say the phrase "You Cum Gee Eye?"

SLICKEE BOY - n. Member of a group of elite phantoms supposedly responsible for the disappearance of any item found missing. To become a member of this elite group, one must be able to scale a 10 foot fence or wall topped with barbed wire or broken glass carrying a 25 inch color TV, enter and exit a room equipped with 3 locks, 4 burglar alarms with all the valuables without either tripping any of the alarms or opening any of the locks, and be able to run a 3 minute mile through the winding alleys while wearing combat boots and carrying a minimum of 75 pounds of loot.

SOJU - n. A colorless, tasteless liquid containing an indeterminate amount of alcohol. Often associated with "TIP SHEE DAH" definition #2. A beverage to be avoided until "YOU LONG TIME KOREA".

SPOZED TO - v. A moral obligation; as in Spozed to do something. Usually used when the obligation, if put into action, would be either injurious to your health or just blatantly stupid.

STATESIDE - n. Mythical land of eternal GREEN; also known as, "LAND OF THE BIG PX."

STINKO - n. 1. A drunken state usually brought on by one or more indigenously produced alcoholic beverages which sometimes results in an empty wallet and a lonely walk back to base. 2. A term used by Nice Girls to describe a Gee Eye who either offered insufficient HELP (see CAN YOU HELP ME, NOT ENUFF, and NUMBA TEN) or has fallen victim to definition #1.

STRAP - v. 1. To copulate with Nice Girls (see SEX). n. 2. Nice Girls one has copulated with, i.e., "She was one hell of a strap!!"

TACK SHEE - n. Form of transportation usually not available when needed, (i.e., during inclement weather). Regarded by Nice Girls and Yobos as the only means of moving from one place to another as in, "We go Tack Shee."

THUNDER RUN - n. 1. A ritual, shared by a group of people when one of the group is preparing to leave Korea (see PEE SEE ESS) or when one is Spozed To, in which the group runs (or staggers) from on clube to another consuming one alcoholic beverage in each establishment. Depending on the number of establishments one has to cover, this activity can be hazardous to your health. NOT an activity for the weak of spirit (or stomach).

TIP SHEE DAH - v. 1. In a bar, "OK, you paid for my drink, now hurry up and buy me another one or get the hell out!" 2. In a social situation with your Korean counterparts, "Let's see how fast we can get this guy drunk!"

WON - n. Medium of exchange. Despite its laughable appearance can be used off base in place of money to procure goods and services. Can even be exchanged for money in certain situations. Also known as "Tone."

YANG KAL BO - n. A generally accurate but forbidden native description of Nice Girls. Utterance of this expression can produce reactions ranging from mild disgust and individual loss of charm to violent physical assault.

YOBO - n. An individual who, for a negotiable fee, will perform various specified functions for a predetermined period of time. Functions include, surrogate wife, although the Yobo tends to be more demanding and less tolerant, and is a member of the best intelligence network in the world.

YOU BUY ME DRINKEE - A phrase used in the commercial transactions of all Nice Girls prior to serious Ritualistic encounters.

YOU LONG TIME KOREA - One who has been in Korea for an extended period of time. Opposite of NUG. One who is familiar with, and has experienced, most of the definitions in this dictionary.
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 Guide to Effective Ville Running Empty
PostSubject: Re: Guide to Effective Ville Running    Guide to Effective Ville Running Icon_minitimeWed Jan 21, 2015 7:30 am

Love it!!!!!!
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Guide to Effective Ville Running
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